Laboratory Services

Laboratory services

MTE has a fully functional materials testing laboratory capable of offering microstructural examinations as well as case depth determinations and microhardness testing. We have facilities to cut, mount, polish and etch samples prior to microstructural examination and microhardness determination. This is an invaluable part of our process which ensures that process requirements are met, and customer specifications are adhered to.

We can also provide other metallurgical services through our accredited partners.

We therefore can offer chemical analysis and mechanical testing of various products.  The laboratories that we use are fully equipped to do wet chemical analysis on metals, oxides and certain aqueous solutions and spectrographic analysis on ferrous and non-ferrous products.  Mechanical testing includes tensile testing, compression testing, bend testing, charpy impact testing and hardness testing. 

We also have access to highly knowledgeable metallurgical consultants for full failure investigations.