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Metal Technology Engineering has been offering heat treatment services for over 35 years and continues to offer quality heat treatment to date.

A brief history of the company is as follows….

In 1985, Ken Cowie was asked to manage Alrode Heat Treatment, a company established in 1960. A new factory was erected, and various furnaces were installed, and the company commenced trading in that same year as Metal Technology Engineering CC. At that time, there were three partners with Ken as Heat Treatment manager. The company operated for two years slowly gaining momentum. In 1987 Ken and his wife Joyce bought out the other partners and Cowies Heat Treatment CC trading as Metal Technology Engineering was established. In 1990 the company became Cowies Heat Treatment (Pty) Ltd and has been in operation ever since under the trading name of Metal Technology Engineering (MTE). Over the next 18 years, MTE established itself as a reliable company for heat treatment services and metallurgical consultancy under the auspices of its owner, Ken Cowie. Due to the retirement of Ken Cowie in 2008, an opportunity arose for Brandon Eatwell to acquire the business and after working with Ken for a few months in 2007, he subsequently took full control of the business from the 1st March 2008. Brandon Eatwell is a graduate metallurgist with some 28 years of experience in the heat treatment industry and is well-known in heat treatment circles. The number of employees has increased from 5 in 2008 to 36 in 2023, of which the majority have more than 10 years’ experience in heat treatment. Together with his wife Michelle, an extremely experienced financial person in her own right, and an experienced and well-trained workforce, Brandon is committed to taking the business to new heights and firmly embraces all aspects of the mission statement.


Metal Technology Engineering is uniquely situated in the heart of Alrode and is easily accessible to a wide variety of industrial areas that surround it. It is a relatively small business but offers a wide variety of heat treatment options.

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We currently have five carburising/hardening salt baths each capable of heat treating approximately 200kg per hour. We also have an austempering facility and specialise in the austempering of ductile iron (ADI). Our liquid nitriding/nitrocarburising facility consists of two salt baths with an oxidizing salt bath quench (oxynit). With oil, salt, and water quench facilities we are able to heat treat a diverse range of engineering materials. We also have a dedicated aluminium heat treatment facility with extremely tight temperature control and run precipitation hardening treatments on all heat-treatable grades of aluminium on a daily basis.

All our furnaces are connected via SPECVIEW SCADA software to one central computer where all data can be logged, recorded, and analysed 24 hours a day. This system has proved invaluable with regard to our process and quality control. We have a fully functional metallurgical laboratory and are able to offer a variety of metallurgical services to complement the heat treatment services which consequently improves our quality control and ultimately the service we offer to our valued customers.

Metal Technology Engineering provides quality heat treatment to its customers at an affordable price and with a philosophy of continuous improvement in all facets of our business, we hope to become the preferred supplier to all existing and prospective clients for years to come.

If you are looking for a heat treater offering exceptional service and outstanding product quality at competitive prices, then look no further.

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